Joyce Snodderly was born January 22, 1923 in Loyston, Tennessee to William Francis and Mary Bolinger Snodderly.  She and her five siblings were raised in and around the area settled in the early 1800's by their great, great, great grandparents, Henry and Mary Snodderly who migrated there from North Carolina.  Her great great grandfather, Henry Snodderly, Jr. owned a grist mill and livery stable and set aside a part of his property for a church and school to be built in that area.  It was known throughout the country that he had wealth, which caused he and his wife Serena Clear Snodderly to be the first murders in Union County, Tennessee.  Cox and Stanley, the accused, were to become the last hanging ever in that county.

Joyce attended Norris High School and moved to Knoxville to find work.  She and her sisters, Aulba Lee and Pauline moved to Delaware where Joyce found work in an airplane factory, assembling parts for the aircraft motors.  It was there that she met John Woodruff while he was still in the Navy.  They married December 5, 1945 and had a daughter, Diana Lynn Gray, born October 6, 1946.  It was a crowed situation when they moved back to the Maryland area and lived in the family home, along with John's mother Georgia, grandmother Rebecca, sister Reba and aunt Flossie.  As it was explained by John's best friend from the Navy, Peter Kwantes, John just couldn't seem to find a place to plant his feet and ground his relationship, and soon Joyce moved back to Tennessee with their young daughter Lynn.  After awhile, she made an attempt to reconcile her marriage and it was during this time that a son, Stephen Randall was conceived.  The reconciliation did not work and a divorce settlement was reached.  Lynn and Steve were raised in Tennessee close to family ties there and did not have a relationship with their father.  Joyce worked at Standard Knitting Mill and Levi Strauss to hold the family together.

Many years later Joyce married again and now lives in Columbus, Indiana.  She has proclaimed that she never stopped loving John Woodruff.

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